Step into better health with reflexology therapy
Welcome to Healing Works Reflexology
Are you listening to your feet?

They may be asking for Reflexology to
help your body’s own natural healing
powers go to work.

Reflexology can help ease stress,
anxiety and insomnia, as well as bring
relief from aches and pains.
What is Reflexology?

Reflexology, also known as reflex therapy, is
an ancient healing art. It is a science based
on the idea that there are zones and reflex
areas in the feet, hands and ears which
correspond to all organs, glands, and
systems in the body. Reflexology is applied
finger, thumb and tool pressure to the reflex
areas. These techniques can result in the
release of obstructions from congested
zones, opening up and activating the body’s
own natural healing process. For many,
reflex therapy offers a sense of well-being
and improved health.
Reflexology is a natural, drug-free, alternative toward lessening the body’s aches and
pains and may aid in:
Benefits of Reflexology may include:
Reducing Chronic Fatigue (CFS) and Fibromyalgia symptoms
Relieving pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and heel bone spurs
Easing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms
Alleviating Asthma & other breathing difficulties
Calming stress , anxiety and reducing insomnia.
Promoting overall sense of relaxation and well-being and revitalized energy levels
Natural relief for babies with teething and colic pains
Controlling nausea and morning sickness
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Wendi Humphryes
Board Certified Reflexologist